Why Do Mosquitoes Love Human Blood?

It is now a universally acknowledged and accepted fact that mosquitoes prefer human blood over anything else. The rising toll of casualties caused due to mosquito related diseases such as malaria and dengue testify that human beings are the most preferred preys for mosquitoes. So, despite the prevalence of mosquito killers in several parts of the world, it is seen that there is no end to the mosquito problem.

So what makes human beings the most desirable of the lot for mosquitoes? The answer is quite simple, human beings to mosquitoes is what food is to us. Mosquitoes have very strong sensory receptors that can tell them even when they are 20 to 35 feet away from human beings that their preys are nearby. This happens because they can easily detect the lactic acid and octenol chemical in our body. Apart from that there are nearly 340 different kinds of body smells transmitted by the human body which makes it indeed quite simple for mosquitoes to realize where their preys are. A number of recently conducted studies by reputed agencies and universities have found that a combination of human body smell pulls mosquitoes to us. Odor of dirty socks and rotten cheese are the strongest of them all and mosquitoes seem to have a particular fondness for such smell.

Moreover, people who tend to excrete a higher amount of an acid known as the uric acid are also seen to be more frequently attacked by mosquitoes. In short, it can be said that people who sweat more are the softest targets.

For several years, mosquitoes remained an unsolved problem for people belonging to various cultures. The number of people dying after getting affected by mosquito related diseases such as dengue and malaria continued to rise phenomenally and the problem got out of hand in remote areas, villages, jungles and other poor and backward regions.

To solve this regular problem, many scientists and entomologists felt that there was a pressing need to device equipments that could provide a simple solution to the mosquito problem. This led to the emergence and acceptance of the mosquito killer.

The mosquito killer is basically a scientifically designed klamboe device designed to detect and kill mosquitoes within a few seconds. Using scientific rationales, the mosquito killer uses the imitation technique to attract mosquitoes to kill them.

In a mosquito killer, scents similar to the human odor which draws mosquitoes to human beings are dispensed first. Once the smell attracts the mosquitoes, the fan blades start rotating and the mosquito killer catches mosquitoes to trap them within an enclosed container. This consequently leads to the death of the mosquitoes.

The best aspect about using the mosquito killer is that it has been proven that a mosquito killer is absolutely safe on human beings. Moreover, its effectiveness is far more superiors than mosquito nets. Many communities are implementing mosquito killers in their compounds to protect children. It can thus be said that in coming years, the mosquito killer will continue to gain immense popularity.

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