Rapid Weight Loss Diet Choices

If you need to lose weight rapidly there are many options for you. But you need to be careful about which one of the many rapid weight loss choices to follow. Some weight loss plans are unhealthy and make it possible for you to gain the weight back quickly. Follow a diet plan that has you drinking a lot of water so that your desire to snack is minimal, use a diet that is high in protein and fiber so that you will feel full longer. And follow diets that have healthy meal plans. These diets are not intended for long use, just one week will have you losing a lot of weight rapidly.

The Cabbage soup diet is healthy for a week, has a lot of fluids and a different food for every day of the week. One day you will focus on any one of the following foods: fruits, vegetables, fruits and vegetables, skimmed milk and bananas, beef and tomatoes, vegetables and beef and lastly brown rice and vegetables. The one thing is that you can eat as much cabbage soup as you want.

Another rapid weight loss diet choice that is similar to the cabbage soup diet is the chicken soup diet. Throughout the day you can have as much chicken soup as you want. The main difference is that instead of focusing on specific foods you eat all three meals. For breakfast you get to eat toast, 3 figs and cheese and yogurt. The breakfast choices have a wide range so that you get all the nutrients and vitamins that you need. Plus you get to have chicken soup all day long rapid tone.

Another popular diet is the Atkins diet. This diet restricts carbohydrates in your diet. This means that you won’t be able to eat potatoes, rice, bread, pasta, milk, some fruits, chocolate and certain vegetables. The main idea is that carbs can turn into fat, and training your body to crave them and limit your carb intake to 40 grams a day will result in weight loss.

One rapid weight loss plan that promises 50 pounds in less than 10 weeks is the grapefruit diet. You have to drink 8 glasses of water a day to see results. And every meal you eat until you are full but you do not get to eat between meals. At breakfast you must eat a grapefruit. At lunch you get a salad, another grapefruit and a protein, like baked fish. Dinner you get another grapefruit, a vegetable or salad and another protein like baked chicken. At bedtime you drink a glass of skimmed milk or tomato juice. This diet you follow for 12 days, take 2 days off and repeat for the full 10 weeks.

Following one of these rapid weight loss plans will help you to lose weight efficiently and quickly. But be patient, everyone is different and your body may not react to the diet the same as someone else.

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